Pop Talk: Bridesmaids

Pop Talk: Bridesmaids
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Not an Aniston, Diaz or Alba in sight, the bird-watching in Bridesmaids showcases not hairstyles, but female comedic prowess. The lead protagonist, Annie (who so rightly lives up to her endearing name), is played by SNL stand-up Kristin Wiig. Normally a support actress, Wiig radiates with her honest humour and self deprecating wit. 

The rambling musings that are normally only embraced by a niche female audience (does anyone remember how Gilmore Girls was incredibly annoying if you were not in the mood for super-duper fast talking?), has been combined with all kinds of funny. From slapstick to insightfully crude (and I myself am unashamedly prudish), this movie, excuse the cliché, really does have it all.

It is so lovely to see a movie that presents female talent without the humdrum predictability. Bridesmaids depicts wedding dramas and relationship dynamics in such a way that is realistic, with a few extra spots of crazy thrown in. It is all in the details: the dialogue seems improvised and the relationships seem genuine, not Sex and the City escapist, but relatable and sometimes awkward.

You will relate to Wiig's character and find familiarity in all the other female roles. Australia’s Rose Byrne plays a rigid Stepford wife, nailing the part and illustrating an innocent naivety to her mean-girl role. Kath and Kim fans will notice a Sharon-esque character played by Mellissa Macarthy (coincidentally, Macarthy played the main support role in Gilmore Girls), while Rebel Wilson brings her brand of Aussie Bogan Pride to the mix, which includes a few cling-ons and one charming Irish cop.

It might not agree with everyone’s sensibilities: there are a few out there who cannot stand the thought of a woman doing other things in the toilet besides tinkling number ones. Not to worry, though, the toilet humour is restricted to just one scene. Apart from a few shortcomings, if you appreciated the silliness of features such as Knocked Up and The Forty Year Old Virgin, the other progeny of Bridesmaids' producers, this chick flick will most likely make your day. Funny bone officially tickled.

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