Glossy Covers: A Slow magazine for a long weekend

Glossy Covers: A Slow magazine for a long weekend
I was smitten with Slow the first time we caught up and can hardly believe this magazine is into its eighth issue and third year of publishing, scooping up an award or two along the way, as I contemplate pawing through it with my hands in mittens this long weekend. 

"Our cover story is all about Sherry McArdle English who has treechanged, only to find a love for truffles, which she produces with the help of her husband and well-trained truffle hound Snuffles," says editor Jacqui Mott. "Yes, Snuffles can sniff out truffles, that's for sure! This is a tale about a dynamic woman who tackles all of life's challenges head-on.

Two stylists have been let loose on the fashion section with a brief to show readers how you can cycle (as in bicycle) in style without donning lyrca; Brendan McCarthy captures Beechworth's old asylum with his camera lens; artist John Woseley is profiled in 'Slow Art'; and stories on London's first slow consultancy and Goolwa, Australia's first CittaSlow town (and the first to be registered by Italy's CittaSlow outside Europe) are in there, too. So I'm told. Sounds like a good one to cuddle up with in the cold.

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