Glossy Covers: Frankie issue #42

Glossy Covers: Frankie issue #42
In the Biblical story of Joseph, brought to life in Andrew Lloyd Weber's stage musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, this man of God is gifted in interpreting dreams for the Pharoah, which gets him out of goal and into the good books (of the Good Book!) and into Egypt's plum role. Much the same, the Karen Walker patch blazer worn by Solange on the cover of Frankie issue #42 metaphorically represents (whether intentionally or not) the issue's "making of awesome things" theme. 

Inside five creative types share their 'tools of the trade' in a still-life extravaganza, Frances Hanson opens up her delightful scrapbook and the Mother of Craft Pip Lincolne comes to the rescue with DIY fancy-dress costume instructions. Sombre illustrations, Patience Hodgson modelling clothes, a Poule au Pot recipe, photo essays with an humanitarian edge, a third-person feature on a young Aussie couple adopting a Ugandan girl, a teen abductee telling her story and a Kaufmann Illustration pull-out world map amount to a rewarding display of life in the Frankie lane.

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Yay I loove frankie!