Glossy Covers: Dumbo feather (Issue #28)

Glossy Covers: Dumbo feather (Issue #28)

Reprieve! The arrival of Dumbo feather issue #28 in the inbox (due to arrive in your postbox or the newsagent floor on July 8) brings us interesting new people to meet, including TED Talks curator Chris Anderson, a former British publishing entrepreneur who moved to the US a decade ago, and Dateline reporter Foud Hady, who, editor Patrick Pittman told Mediaweek, "came to Australia as an asylum seeker and spent time in detention, got out of there and taught himself filmmaking and reporting and then went back to Iraq to report on the streets of Baghdad for Dateline."

Adds Pittman, "We could be publishing monthly or bi-monthly. That's something we're looking into in a year or so. We're trying to figure out how a magazine like Dumbo feather fits into the current publishing environment. It never fits in's always got its own space. If it's going to make sense to publish more regularly, that's something that we'd love to do but at the same time we might look at doing a lot of that through more online and digital media as well."


Girl With a Satchel


Uggbootdiva said...

This magazine which is more a mook really is the BEST eva. I started subscribing 2 years ago and have never looked back.
If you need something to read over breakfast, at hairdressers, at cafe or whatever this is the mook to look at!
I would think this would sit very comfortably with GWAS philosophy?