Glossy Covers: Dynamic Business

Glossy Covers: Dynamic Business

"I feel the need to do it. It's not a career, it's just a calling. Someone is almost whispering and telling me I have to do this," says Yiying Lu, Dynamic Business magazine's June cover girl and (coincidental) creator of the Twitter 'fail whale' graphic. Lu's story is one of the power of social networking to help you find like-minded people to bring your dreams to fruition. 

The Sydney-based designer has rubbed shoulders with Twitter's CEO and creative directors and Wordpress CEO Matt Mullenweg, created work for Conan O'Brien – who spotted her work on Mashable – and attracted the attention of business investors who've partnered with her to start up Walls 360, which brings art prints to life on giant self-adhesive fabric prints. 

"We really see the potential of democratising the art world to everybody and expanding the notion of art," she says. "We want to make art something that is more approachable and affordable to everyone... We have a lot of walls and it's lonely and boring."

The June issue of the magazine also features 'Top Tips for Effective Email Direct Marketing', tax-time advice, stories on cloud computing, trademarks, keeping good staff and paid parental leave, and a feature on bloggers, which may include Girl With a Satchel and some of her business-savvy contemporaries who are 'Keeping Existing Customers Engaged and Delighted', as per p52. Hurrah!

Girl With a Satchel


Olive Tee said...

thats cool! never heard of her before!

Phoebe Netto said...

Glad you liked my article on pg 52-53 :)

You certainly are keeping your audience 'Engaged and Delighted'.

-Phoebe Netto
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