Glossy Talk: Giving Life Support

Glossy Talk: Giving Life Support

One of the good glossy news stories of the year has to be LifeSupport magazine, an initiative of the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital's not-for-profit Chris O'Brien Lifehouse centre (due to open to patients in 2013) with editorial, design and production by ACP Custom Media.

"For too many Australians, cancer is a maze of fear and confusion, which they find themselves trying to escape from," said Timothy Dugan, CEO of Lifehouse, in a statement. "LifeSupport magazine delivers a user-friendly map, with practical expert information and real-life insights from Aussies going through similar experiences."

Professor Chris O’Brien was a leading cancer specialist who came to national prominence on the reality TV series RPA who experience an aggressive three-year battle with a brain tumor before passing away in June 2009. Lifehouse is part of his legacy.

Imbued with personal stories, case studies and expert insights, the magazine includes information on treatments, coping with fatigue, dealing with side effects, handling stress, telling people about your diagnosis, keeping house, managing money, negotiating work arrangements, making fertility decisions, diet, logistics for isolated patients and being a carer.

"Human nature being human nature, people automatically think the worst when they've been given a cancer diagnosis. Unfortunately, it's the way most of us are built," says Hobart urologist Raj Goja in one column. "Everyone worries but worry can be alleviated and reduced if you get the correct information in a timely manner. That information may not be good news, but often some news is better than none. It's the uncertainty that often causes the anxiety."

Inspiring, comforting, informative; touched by sorrow, pain and hope, while each cancer experience is no doubt as unique as the sufferer themselves, any publication that makes people feel less alone in difficult circumstances gets a big tick in my book.

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Serena {Pretty Fluffy} said...

Great Article! Everyone at RPA does such great work and Lifehouse is such an important project. Thanks for sharing.