Glossy Talk: Alix Clark to edit Feast magazine

Glossy Talk: Alix Clark to edit Feast magazine

Conjuring up visions of plentiful food, good company and an air of celebration; tantilising readers with an insatiable appetite for life, an attitude of enjoyment, a plethora of personalities and an abundance of experiences, the name of the Pacific Magazines/SBS joint venture title to be launched in spring 2011 has been revealed: Feast (tagline: "experiencing life through food").

Edited by Alix Clark, the magazine will feature travel, culture, personal stories and recipes, drawing on SBS's culturally diverse programming mandate. "By its definition a feast is an event that is cross cultural and not limited by nationality, ethnicity or geography," says Sharon Ramsay-Luck, SBS national manager, consumer publishing and brand extensions. "Celebrating food is a strong tradition that bonds in any culture, including the more than 250 cultures we have in Australia."

Clark joined Pacific Magazines in 2000 and has overseen the company's custom titles for the past eight years in the position of editorial director. While the foodie segment is dominated by News Magazines, which has an 84.8% share of the premium food segment, and ACP, Pacific's foray into food hopes to achieve a circulation of 50,000.

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Bec Aitken said...

Sounds like a less snobby gourmet traveller.

Aren't we saturated by food mags at the moment?

Hayley Grieve said...

Can't say no to another food magazine especially being an SBS collaboration. Looking forward to seeing if it's worth the hype.