Girl Talk: Georgie Carroll on tween pressure

Girl Talk: Georgie Carroll on tween pressures

"I was surprised at myself, actually, when I found myself thinking, 'Oh, why can't I be Miley?!', throughout the entire concert. She is absolutely gorgeous, has (and has had) beyond gorgeous boyfriends, a brilliant career... all while being only a year and a half older than me. Some days I feel that my obsession with teen stars and the internet (embarrassed to admit I spend up to nine hours per day on here D:) are not harming me at all, but then other days, like yesterday, all I can think is how unfair it is that I don't look like them, or have their lives and I can feel myself spiraling downwards, and it's not a good thing. I consider myself a pretty mature seventeen-year-old, so if I feel like I don't want to be at one of the concerts, or while watching their tv shows or seeing pictures of them on the internet, how much worse will it be for a tween?"

- Teen Girl with a Satchel Georgie Carroll responds to 'Body image in the new media landscape'.


petal said...

oh dear.. georgie, i'm so remembering what being 17 is like from your words! but you've got to remember that miley cyrus is a celebrity merely because of an accident of birth, and has done very little with her privileged life to help others or warrant her status as a role model for the millions of girls who look up to her.
and please allow me a possibly harsh but well-meaning suggestion that if you didn't spend nine hours a day online you might not as easily fall into unhealthy thought patterns? nourish your soul and spirit elsewhere and then musicians/actors you love may find their rightful place in your life.. take care!