GWAS Bulletin Board: Leeloo's "Indie GoGo" Berlin Project

GWAS Bulletin Board: Leeloo's "Indie GoGo" Berlin Project

I love seeing women giving their all to their passions, and Leeloo's Angela D'Alton and Renee Baker are two such ladies making it happen. Much like the Cherry Pick Me ladies, their online creative hub was started with the view to giving exposure to "young people who show talent and need a start, but may not necessarily have the time or skills to do all of the work themselves". 

And now they wish to attend the Hello Etsy conference in Berlin to equip them with the skills and knowledge to help further nurture their growing community. This means funds. If you wish, you can take part "Indie GoGo" funding project by making a financial contribution ranging from $10 to $250, each with its own perk (i.e. win raffle tickets, discounts, art prints and originals). There is also an online auction of the girls' stuff, including vintage clothing, accessories, homewares, books and handbags, happening at eBay, which seems an excellent and fun bartering concept.

Girl With a Satchel


Angela at Leeloo said...

Thank you SO much for posting our little project on your blog!! We've now got less than two weeks to go and a lot more funding is needed so every little bit helps!!

Lots of love