Media Talk: Should tweens blog?

Media Talk: Should tweens blog?
"Blogging is like putting your hand up in class and always being chosen. It's Zuckerberg meets show-and-tell. Writing solely for your teacher is one thing, but blogging with classmates is a pretty cool way to learn to respect others' opinions. And, unlike their luddite parents, they'll have technological literacy embedded in them without realising. Of course, I'm not suggesting they wander alone in cyberspace. Access to their sites must be restricted, password protected and vigilantly monitored. Parents (and teachers) need to teach appropriate ways to interact online, but surely that's as vital in the modern world as learning fractions and road safety."
Angela Mollard, 'Lost in Cyberspace', Sunday magazine, June 5 2011


Nikki @ Styling You said...

Short answer: yes! I had. 14-year-old work experience student last week and she started a blog - I'm very impressed at both her initiative and what she blogged about.

Anonymous said...

I wish more tweens (and teens) would blog. I had my daughter start when she was twelve and she just turned 14. She does book reviews, both her own and from Goodreads. She links up to poetry sites and posts about the cakes she's made and clothing she's done. We have lots of links for online learning and ideas. We also have a personal wiki for links.

The bad thing she doesn't get feedback from same aged peers, since the few blogs I have found are older teens with fashion blogs and she's still a bit young for some of the things they discuss.

Here's her blog.