GWAS Notes: Farewell to Revival by Amy Choi

GWAS Notes: Farewell to Revival by Amy Choi

It's annoying when columns disappear from magazines with nary a word as to why, let alone deserved fanfare, so a moment to tell you that the delightful Amy Choi will no longer be penning her 'Revival' column here at GWAS, owing to that familiar modern-girl conundrum "Too much to do!". 

I've enjoyed having Amy here immensely and shall miss the delivery of her thoughtful, concise op-shopping prose each fortnight, right on deadline. She's an editor's dream.

It was very generous of her to commit to filing the column in the first place, and I've savoured each of her posts (Gift Giving, Behind The Times, Slow and Steady, Party Favours, Rich Enough, Too Much Choice, A History of Everyday Life and Avoiding Temptation) like the last Tim Tam biscuit in the pack. Alas, some seasons are shorter than we'd like them to be, but they all add something to our life.

You can still visit Amy her over at, which is a treasure trove of exquisite pictures, Mary Leunig illustrations, words of wisdom and random thinkings as edited by Amy herself. No doubt we'll be seeing her back in print before too long.

Read how 'Revival' got its start at The Age here.

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