Glossy Covers: The New Yorker's Dog Show

Glossy Covers: The New Yorker's Dog Show

"Dog meets dog" by John Cuneo for The New Yorker
 In the health food store the other day, the owner couldn't help but point out to one of her customers how much he resembled his dog. Contemplating the thought after she spoke it out loud, she then commented that her dog, who looked nothing like her, had dental issues... and then admitted she did, too. I have no qualms with stating that I look a bit like my dog: long in the nose and all that.

The myth has some merit: besides manifold health benefits, including fighting off The Black Dog, which may endear an owner to his or her pooch, British researchers also found the bond is skin deep. But not by accident: more practicality/narcissism.

"There is a little bit of truth in the theory that owners look like their dogs, but if you are of a robust build you will probably have a more robust dog so that you can gets lots of exercise," Dr Lance Workman of Bath Spa University told The Telegraph. "If you are more slight you may want a poodle as you think that they need less exercise." 

And on that note, a short poem for you all titled 'Who Left the Poopy in the Doggy Park?'...

Who left the poopy in the doggy park?
Did you think such a thing to be a lark?
Your dog's poop in the park won't do,
It might end up on someone's shoe!
So pick up your poopy with your scoopy
Don't be a snob – it's your dog! –
or the dog park sleuth (that's me!) will uncover your snoopy,
And deposit that poop on your stoop.

Girl With a Satchel


Emma said...

Why that's a rather adorable magazine cover! Do you know if the owners are supposed to represent particular people or if they're just random dog owners?

Erica Bartle (nee Holburn) said...

John Cuneo said, “I try to keep in mind current political events. And then there’s that other category, which I really enjoy: clever street scenes of New York City that don’t have anything to do with current events... I enjoy anthropomorphizing animals—sometimes I think it’s my strength.”

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