GWAS Notes: A bloggy backlog

GWAS Notes: A bloggy backlog

L to R: Bel, Erin and Kasey from Enhance magazine.
I used to get terribly antsy over being unable to post on a regular basis, setting myself impossible deadlines for updates (those 'Media Musings' posts? They would take FOREVER to compile, as do proper magazine reviews), completely running myself into the ground to achieve them: no sick days, staying up all hours, sometimes no weekends. I am the worst boss (of me) ever.

To cut a LONG-WINDED story (my area of expertise) short, that changed about 12 months ago when I took on extra work at QUT and resolved that if GWAS was meant to be, some of you would graciously hang around while I let it flail away in my absence of screen time. Thankfully, many of you did, though I am aware that GWAS has changed a lot as I've evolved and have found a voice, and content template, more commensurate with my interests, passions and Christian sense and sensibility (and that doesn't sit well with all, but has brought new people along to the party – welcome!).

It is near-on impossible to keep up with the pace of media/magazine news when it is just you and your MacBook and you have to put dinner on or drive to Sydney for your dad's birthday or or attend a photo shoot (like yesterday: more on Enhance magazine to come!) or check out your husband's new horse (see Dan on the SatchelGirl Facebook page) or mark a zillion university papers (okay, 40 or so), let alone get some exercise and sleep and cuddles.

So what I can do for you, right now, without killing myself, is curate a selection of stories and covers and pictures that sit well with me on any given day. So some weeks the posts will be regular, others not so much, but I do endeavour to make an effort. And I have a backlog of posts to get through today.

Thank you, sincerely, for hanging in there!

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Molly said...

Keep up the great work Erica! Still loving your blog!x

Erica Bartle (nee Holburn) said...

Thank you, Molly, for your supportive and generous comment. :)

Sarah Ayoub Christie said...

I won't be going anywhere Erica. Love your blog and your voice and your attitude :)

julialow said...

You know we'll always stick around and wish GWAS only the best!

Julia x

p/s: a HORSIEEEEE! every girl's dream when they were wee girlies, I'm sure.

Scarlett Harris @ The Early Bird Catches the Worm said...

I'm kind of enjoying the slower pace of a few of my favourite blogs at the moment, including yours. It gives me a chance to branch out into some other "bloggy" areas, or get other things done, like "put dinner on" or catch up on some non-blog-related reading.
As the other comments have suggested, I'll be sticking around too! And I look forward to my guest post appearing some time soon as you sift through your "backlog" ;). xx