Glossy Covers: Will and Kate for Vanity Fair

Glossy Covers: Will and Kate for Vanity Fair

"I was just thinking today how much I miss the Royal wedding," lamented Maggie Alderson recently in a column about after party blues. "Oh, what a glorious couple of weeks that was.The anticipation, preparing things for the street party, putting up the bunting, starting my collection of Royal wedding newspaper specials and souvenir editions of Hello! magazine...".

 While Alderson had the revelation that "you don't need constant high days and holidays to be happy" because, "There's always something uplifting out there if you keep your radar open to it" (like Rob Lowe images and Debbie Harry's musical selection), for me seeing Will and Kate again is like running into cherished old friends (such is the state of the 24-hour news cycle, something that happened a only month ago is ancient!). 

While they are still on Australian newsstands in the form of The Australian Women's Weekly's one-shot special, and until The Weekly's May issue is replaced by June's, it's nice to see fresh images, like Mario Testino's for Vanity Fair, which artfully displaces Wills' bald spot with some text and places a tiny "Love is the greatest refreshment in life," Pablo Picasso quote amidst Kate's glossy mane.

Clearly, Vanity Fair is excited with the issue out on June 2: the "high-brow" society and culture publication has used two exclamation points to ensure that we are, too!

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