Media Talk: Fairfax Digital's Jane Huxley

Media Talk: Fairfax Digital's Jane Huxley

"Over the last year mobile and video have started to consume not only more of my time, but more resources...By 2014, reports indicate 35% of internet access will be mobile only; that includes smart phones and tablets. That's a pretty interesting and telling stat in itself. The way we are gearing up with our strategy in the next fiscal year it will come to the forefront and be a significant discussion for us. In terms of penetration, the majority of the usage is coming from smart phones – around 80%. That's only 30-40% of the overall base. So smart phone users have much higher engagement – they browse more content, stay longer and are more engaged with content."

- Jane Huxley, Fairfax Digital General Manager, Media, to Mediaweek, which also reports Fairfax Digital has seen a 762% rise in daily unique browsers between January 2010 and January 2011. Clearly, Huxley – who has responsibility for "everything that is not sales" – and Pippa Leary (managing director of media) are doing something very right. It seems women are dominating at Fairfax Digital, indeed the upper echelons of Fairfax across the board. My fair Fairfax? Just floatin' it.

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David | Listen Feel Breathe said...

Pretty amazing how fast technology is changing isn't it Erica.

To think that not so long ago phones were used for talking and computers were used for word processing and games.

It's becoming increasingly important to stay up to date with technology both from a business and a personal point of view.