Pop Talk: Bieber fever strikes the satchel girl

Pop Talk: Bieber fever strikes the satchel girl

Never say never, particularly when choc-tops, Cheap Tuesday and child prodigies are concerned, says pop-culture commentator Emma Plant.

On cheap-Tuesday night on the Gold Coast, two girlfriends in their twenties took themselves along to the Justin Bieber movie, Never Say Never. Not because there was any particular avid Justin loving; it was simple, unashamed curiosity.

The cinema was full... of empty chairs. In fact, the only other occupied seats were warmed by six twenty-something men. Manly men (if that means anything). In retrospect, it was all very bizarre. At the time, my choctop* was giving me glorious pleasure vision.

Two significant things have since given me pause for thought, leaving a purple Bieber residue in my mind...

One: Justin Bieber is super talented. He has been blessed with an amazing musical gift. Who knew a wee five-year-old could play the drums/guitar and sing so expertly? Not since The Lion King have I experienced so many goose bumps (can they edit that in somehow now?)

The second thing is this: ‘Bieber bias’. As soon as one mentions they are going, or have just been to, The Bieber Movie (which is actually a documentary), a flood of negative slandering ensues. I am embarrassed to admit that before I watched the movie, I would have joined in this snarking – with commitment and conviction. It’s the oh-so-typical Tall Poppy Syndrome. Even before we actually know anything about the poor lad, burn him.

This review could look at the film’s bias, the accumulated influence, the monetary revenue or the sickening teenage-girl-Bieber-worshiping (so horrid it counteracts all good goosebumps). The need to needlessly hate Bieber is much more concerning. Why do people want to delight in another’s, ah-hem, shortcomings? Are we so hurt by past child popstars who have let us down, that we distrust any new talent? I know I'm disenchanted in spirit when I think about Hansen. Sigh, Taylor. Personally, I think the harder pill to swallow is we are shamefully jealous of a child. Embarrassing and sad.

*actually an unauthorised McFlurry.

Emma Plant has a Bachelor of Communications (Writing & Photojournalism) and her work has appeared in Frankie, Yen, Good Health and the Gold Coast Bulletin. When she's not writing, shooting or making social documentaries, she is a high school substitute teacher and makeup artist. Multitalented much?

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Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

I love that you've been so honest. So lovely. His voice is amazing, it's all progressed rather fast for him though. x hivenn