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This morning, fruit toast with real butter and a toast to Christine Middap, former editor of QWeekend for a stellar legacy issue. As reported in March 15's Media Satchel, Middap – who launched Qweekend in 2005 – has been appointed editor of The Weekend Australian Magazine and so has moved her family to Sydney in pursuit of her next career step.

"The decision was made all the more difficult because of the things that I value about our life here: a wonderful neighbourhood in which we have made many lifelong friends; a school filled with parents who give and care; a book club made up of inspirational women who thrive on interesting conversation and raucous laughter," she writes in her farewell letter. 

"And then there's this magazine, which was born about the same time as my five-year-old son. It has been a joy to help Qweekend grow into a publication recognised nationally for the quality of its writing, photography and design. More than that, it has been a rare pleasure to work with a team that clicked so perfectly and worked so professionally. I am grateful to every single one of them, as I am to our readers, who have followed us and provided the sort of feedback that every editor needs. And finally to the new editor of Qweekend, Matthew Condon, a very dear colleague who has my full admiration and respect. I leave you in very good hands."

Middap's final issue featured fashion designer Leona Edmiston (and GWAS supporter, bless) in 'On the couch', Lesia Scott's lively feature on the Brisbane City farmer's market, Frances Whiting's 'From little things big things grow' – stimulated by covergirl inspiring Hailey Bartholomew's 365 Grateful project (inspired itself by a Catholic nun who helped her out of her depression!), surfer dudes honouring their father, orangutangs and Mike O'Connor's column on scoring his neighbourhood's "Captain Underpants" moniker.  

Warm, challenging, insightful and full of integrity. Just as a good magazine should be.

Girl With a Satchel


Unknown said...

I have missed Short & Sweet so very much - thanks for the lovely glimpse into your Monday :)