Media Talk: Dateline's Yalda Hakim in Frankie

Media Talk: Dateline's Yalda Hakim, Frankie

"There is trauma. But I think the culture's started to change. We can talk about stress, we can talk about anxiety, we can get counselling. I find that management nowadays wants to talk about these things and provide counselling for you when you come back from a Kabul situation or a Cairo, or some place where you've confronted some extreme hostile environment and it could affect you psychologically. The most dangerous situation I've been in was in the drug dens in Kabul when I was surrounded by hundreds of opium and heroin addicts inside this den – just me and one security guard. They were sort of threatening to come forward and attack me and blaming the Western world for all their woes and associated me completely with that. Plus, there were needles scattered all over the place and I just had thongs on. Bloody Havaianas or something! So yeah – you have to reassess that kind of thing. When you're in these male-dominated environments, to be taken seriously as a woman, just to get around – it's hard."

SBS's Dateline co-host Yalda Hakim, 27, talking to Frankie magazine

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