Glossy Covers: Forget me Knot

Glossy Covers: Forget me Knot

One more sleep, one more sleep! Sleep being the operative word. If Kate Middleton is anything like I was the night before my wedding (which just so happens to be exactly four years ago today!), she won't get a wink...and the makeup artist (apparently herself) will be commissioned with performing a minor miracle on her eye bags while her bridesmaids will all do their best to remain cheery and composed under the circumstances (bless you, one and all). However, given Middleton's nonchalant demeanour, I imagine that tomorrow she'll look more like the casually cool bride on the cover of The Knot. She wears an organza gown by Rhonda Hemmingway (dreamy, is it not?).  

Inside the 308-page winter 2011 issue, which is all sorts of lovely, we get the 411 on Happytape ("a heck of a lot thinner and easier to work with than the typical sticky stuff"), 30 bomboniere ideas for under $5, fresh ideas for wedding programs, 'The Ultimate Planning Guide' (including 'No Regrets', the 10 most common planning blunders), 'Anatomy of a Tuxedo', 'Bridesmaids 101: the basics you need to know to coordinate your bridesmaid looks', 'How to 'Brand' Your Wedding' and a fun spread called 'Registry Personalities' (the still-life shoots throughout are a celebration of pretty stuff). Additionally, there are real-life brides to meet, trends to take note of and a heavenly fashion editorial called 'Amazing Lace'.  

Editor Alicia Richardson also tackles the question, "How much is too much to ask bridesmaids to pay for a dress? And should I tag along for all their dress fittings?". In short, talk to them to work out their budget and rest assured that "these grown women will know what fits them and doesn't fit them without your help." Gold star! This is a no-fuss but fun and frivolous bridal mag I think even a down-to-earth princess like Kate Middleton would enjoy.

The Knot is published bi-annually by Independent Digital Media (IDM), has a print run of 60,000 copies and retails for $14.95.

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frangipani princess said...

Happy Wedding Anniversary to you and Jim, Erica :) Hope you had a wonderful day, and here's to many more :)


Marie said...

Oh.. reminds me of my wedding too! I could have slept well, if not for my sick nephew who was crying loudly all night because of a sore throat... poor little boy. But then, getting married to the man you love is the best event in the world. :-)

Miami lasik surgery said...

Kate Middleton was a beautiful bride, no eye bags, perfect make-up, perfect and simple dress, what can I say she is was and still is a real princess :D. They both look so happy together and hope their love last forever.