Media Talk: Blogging up an addiction

Media Talk: Blogging up an addiction

"When I looked back on the last 18 months and wondered why I'd got so ill, the answer became pretty self-evident: it's because every spare scrap of time that had hitherto gone on stuff like pottering in the garden, having the odd game of tennis, taking the kids to school, listening to music, reading, walking and relaxing, has been almost entirely swallowed by by blogging. And I can't pretend I didn't enjoy doing it: that's the problem – it's an addiction. As a blogger you can't read a news story without wanting to comment on it. You're constantly trawling your other favourite blogs to see whose story is worth following up. And when you're not doing that, you're busy catching up with the hundreds of comments below your latest post, trying to not be cut up by the hateful ones, while trying to respond encouragingly to the sympathetic ones. I love it. I love my readers (the nice ones anyway). But for the moment I love slightly more the idea of not driving myself to an early grave."

- UK Daily Telegraph blogger James Delingpole on taking a blogging sabbatical in 'Blogging's not a job – it's an expensive addiction', Spectator Australia, April 16, 2011. Ha! The folly of the blogger – I could write an entire book on that. Of course, this same ideology might be transferred to any all-consuming occupation that hinders one's ability to lead a healthy, fruitful and balanced life. And it is also entirely possible to be a blogger who is not driven by a "suicidal missionary zeal" (hmm), nor insane (?##!!!) nor ill (cough). I think. Blogging is fun, fun, fun!*

*Tongue in cheek, obviously. These days – most days – I genuinely really enjoy blogging.

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Jennifer Reid said...

I can understand how blogging can become an addiction...I'm a bit of a "rookie blogger" but I absolutely love it (so maybe I am addicted)! I'm thinking that blogging is going to be a lifelong passion for me. I love writing my own blog but also love reading other people's blogs, which certainly takes up quite a lot of my time. So I'm mindful not to neglect other important things in my life, whilst "indulging" in my blogging passion!

TheLovelyHunter said...

I just ran across your blog and I am so encouraged by seeing a fellow Christian so bold in their faith! I look forward to reading more!


Top Bird @ Wee Birdy said...

Ha! Nodding away furiously here. I've taken a couple of blogging sabbaticals and heartily recommend them. Luckily my readers come back and forgive my absence with open arms! xx

MyIdeaLife - Nicole said...

I've only been blogging since March and I am entirely addicted. I have stopped bothering to organise catch ups, I'm completely neglecting my hubby and I sometimes get anxious when my kids don't sleep as I was planning to write. Can totally relate! eek...