Media Talk: Fashion Police is Safe

Media Talk: Phew, 'Fashion Police' is Safe (but skinny models still reign in print)

Georgina Safe, billed as "Australia's most authoritative fashion writer" by The Sydney Morning Herald may also be the nation's most prolific style scribe. After taking up her Fairfax post on Monday, she produced no fewer than three features, a designer profile and a Fashion Police compilation – accompanied by an image of a super-skinny Burberry model (not shown in full) – for the paper's Thursday edition (not an ideal image to convey, but such is faaaassshhhion, as Vogue editor Kirstie Clements would say*).

In addition to carrying on the Fashion Police legacy, the new-look fashion spread includes a 'Web Watch', three online resources recommended by Rachel Olding, 'On Sale' shopping tips compiled by Thea Naghten and advertising coordinated by Felicity Davis for Trelise Cooper, Leona Edmiston and Shoe Superstore (along with a call to reach the paper's 738,000 fashion-conscious readers every week).

As reported on Tuesday, the revamped weekly Style pages have replaced the Essential Style supplement, bringing to the fore Safe's "unrivalled commentary" on "the news, issues and trends in fashion" as well as "the industry's most fascinating names" and "top tips on what to wear and where to find it".

Safe scored a page-three news story with her Australian Fashion Week/Mercedes Benz renewed naming rights sponsorship story, with a pointer to the new Style pages on pages 14 and 15. Safe's features included 'A certain age in uncertain times', discussing department store David Jones' new "fashion strategy to court women over 30" – incorporating a profile of the store's new signing, Bassike, as well as Sydney label Jac+Jack and Hugo Boss Woman – and 'Offsite, far from unseen', a look at designers showing outside the official Fashion Week venues with a lead taking us into last year's "intensely theatrical" Romance Was Born show.

The Fashion Police column retains its chatty tone with newsy snippets to bring Sydney readers up to speed on what's happening where, including the popularity of crocheted swimwear label Lisa Maree in the UK and US markets and Garage Sale Trail event organised by stylist Pip Edwards and scheduled for this Sunday in support of charity Keep Australia Beautiful.

You can also follow Georgina's tweets.
*GWAS does not condone fashion's thin world view, of course, but doesn't but does accept that such commentary does effectively perpetuate it, hence I've now cropped the image. Do we hide the negative and seek out the positive, or show and speak about the negative? Conundrum! I'm erring on the side of "First, do no harm". See also: The Girl, The Debate and The Sartorialist @ Fashademic.

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SachaStrebe said...

interesting switch... It will also be interesting to see if the increased coverage they've given her stays, I hope so because I have always loved Georgina... and it is a great step forward for newspapers to be embracing their female readership, it has been quite depleted in the past... do you know what days her fashion spreads will feature? I'll keep a look out for it... hope you're well sweetness! xx