Glossy Covers: Inside Out's "sense of place"

Glossy Covers: Inside Out's "sense of place"

A "sense of place" and "personal style"; two lovely concepts to be celebrating with Inside Out's 11th birthday issue. Additionally, the magazine has commissioned three works of art by emerging creatives inspired by the concept "Homes with Heart" to gift to newsagent and supermarket buyers in stores tomorrow, while the May/June issue also introduces the winner of the Inside Out/Wattyl Interior Design Competition, 22-year-old Jess McGregor, "a space-savvy Arts/Law student who shares a Melbourne Terrace House", spends "a lot of time on design blogs and flipping through interiors magazines" and fashioned her bedroom into a study/sleep space by designing a bookshelf and storage unit. After the jump a glimpse inside (it's a vibrant treat)...

New Zealand fashion designer Jenny Clegg at home, right, would have made for an amazing messy cover!

 Painter Kirra Jamison ("I took a detour in my early 20s to work in fashion and jewellery...but made the decision to pursue my painting because, ultimately, I prefer it more") and artist Victoria Reichelt ("My solo exhibition is an homage to my favourite magazines, so it was a no brainer to include Inside Out!") feature in the 'Young At Art' portfolio.

Tanya and Dean Cherny at home in Melbourne with their vinyl record collection. She's in PR, he runs music supplier business Marketing Melodies.

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