Glossy Covers: Country Style inspires young growers

Glossy Covers: Country Style inspires young growers

Following on from Monday's notice of News Limited's foodie activities and The New Yorker's small growers cover, comes news that News Magazines' Country Style has joined forces with Stephanie Alexander's Kitchen Garden Foundation to launch the inaugural Harvest Table competition. The comp gives city and country kids the chance to get their class or school to present a collection of food they've grown themselves to create a traditional Harvest Table to be judged by a panel including Country Style editor Victoria Carey, regular contributor Caroline Webster and Alexander, who has a lovely way with words...

"I expect to see red0flushed beetroot leaves, dainty tendrils of snow peas, creamy cauliflowers and all sorts of frilly, floppy, red and green salad leaves!" says Alexander. "When children are encouraged to dig and plant, to water and pick, to chop and stir, to set tables with bunches of herbs and flowers, and to sit and pass platters to each other, they become more open to new flavours. Learning new skills gives children enormous confidence as well as providing an opportunity to learn patience and the pleasures of anticipation versus instant gratification."

Sounds like something a few adults could do to learn, too!

To enter the Harvest Table competition, a photograph and short description of the spread the children have managed to grow by harvest time must be submitted by October 3, 2011, with a $5000 prize for Best Class or School provided by Searles and an iPad 2 for the winning student journal following the progress of their vegie patch.

The first winter issue of Country Style also features the winning entry of the magazine's short story competition, the breathtaking 'Gear Change' penned by writer and former magazine editor Katherine Beard, who wrote her story for her sisters who both live on remote properties and were both about to give birth: the ideal thing for cuddling up to on one's couch while the vegie patch is growing outside.

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My latest mag crush!! Has me dreaming of a tree change... And a veggie patch xo