Media Talk: The view from Fashion Week

Media Talk: The view from Fashion Week

"We turned away 250 media who wanted to attend, including photographers and freelancers. It is fairly exclusive. We need to make sure that those that we do let in are going to create the highest yield for participants... In the last five years as we've started to understand the evolution of online and digital platforms, fashion's newly embraces that media stage." 
- Graeme Lewsey, communications director, Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, in response to the record number of media who registered for Fashion Week 2011 and the 500 delegates who were validated, including UK fashion blogger Susie Lau from Style Bubble, whose site is the fourth most read in the UK.

"Things are super challenging now with everything being so immediate. You can get previews now of the shows before they even happen. When does it stop? As a journalist you have to go with it, but particularly for me, I love words and I like writing things in a considered manner and I want things to be word perfect. When you're just doing things on the fly all the time, it's really hard to step back and write something elegant." 
- Glynis Traill-Nash, fashion journalist, The Sydney Morning Herald,,

Source: Mediaweek Australia


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I hear you Glynnis! My thoughts exactly.