GWAS Notes: OCRF White Shirt Day

GWAS Notes

The white shirt means business, and today it's about the business of saving lives from Ovarian Cancer. Together with madison magazine, Witchery is supporting the cause with its annual White Shirt Day event. 

On this day, ladies are encouraged to wear their favourite white shirt, with a touch of silver accessorising (silver being the colour of the OCRF), for a special photo shoot opportunity with celebrities hosted at the Chapel Street (Vic), Mid City (NSW), Indooroopilly (Qld) and Nuffield Street (NZ) stores.

If you can't get to one of these locales, pop into your local Witchery store to pick up one of the seven white shirt designs – my favourite, the one sported by the pretty Pania Rose to the right, is priced at $129.95 – a canvas tote bag ($29.95), or silver charm bracelet or necklace ($49.95). You can also shop online at or visit to pledge your support of the ladies suffering from the disease and their friends and families.

Girl With a Satchel


Nikki @ Styling You said...

Love you to check out my post on this Erica: xx

julialow said...

I read about this on the CLEO website the other day and got really excited. I've been looking for a pretty white shirt to add to my wardrobe and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so. Buy new clothes AND save lives from ovarian cancer? Done deal!

Unfortunately I think I will have to live on eating grass for the next month. These shirts don't come cheap for a student like moi! But ah, it's for a worthy cause... Right? Right?? (don't mind me, I'm just consoling my poor purse. Pun not intended. hee)

Julia x