Media Talk: Behind the budget line with Jessica Irvine

Media Talk: Behind the federal budget line

"Shortly before kick-off at 1.30pm, journalists assemble before the doors to a vast suite of committee rooms to sign forms undertaking not to communicate with the outside world until 7.30pm, when the Treasurer rises on the floor of Parliament to deliver his budget speech. Once inside, journalists are handed a hefty set of budget documents in a trendy tote bag (OK, it just has the Australian government logo and ''budget'' embossed on it). Finally, after weeks of guessing, probing and outright begging for scoops, the entire contents of the budget are laid bare. But any feeling of privilege at having access to such information before the rest of the nation is quickly replaced with the sensation you've just agreed to resit all your year 12 exams, and this time all in a row."
- Jessica Irvine, economics writer for The Sydney Morning Herald, ''The inside scoop on the budget lock-up', SMH Weekend Edition, May 7-8, 2011

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