Digital Talk: Yasemin Turker takes on New York for PRIMPED

Digital Talk: Yasemin Turker takes on New York for PRIMPED

Yasemin Turker
A girl with arguably the best skin in the business of beauty, with a punchy turn of phrase and bubbly personality to match, Yasemin Turker has been made's New York Editor, bringing to fruition the dream of many an Aussie glossy girl.

"Words cannot describe how excited I am to be given this amazing opportunity," says Turker, who has frequented the fashion capital during her career in gloss, which started at New Idea and transitioned to marie claire and Famous before joining PRIMPED as editor, working under editor-at-large Zoe Foster.

"Being New York Editor is a dream come true for me, and I have no doubt that this will only add to PRIMPED's success, offering our readers insight into beauty on a global scale."

Marina Go, Publisher for IDM says, "PRIMPED users and advertisers will continue to benefit from Yasemin’s blogs and videos during her time overseas. Yasemin will be delivering the latest in beauty news and trends straight out of New York, giving PRIMPED an edge that our readers will love."

Eliza Ashe
In Yasemin’s absence, Eliza Ashe, a former Beauty Editor of SHOP Til You Drop (currently a regular contributor and part-time member of the PRIMPED team), will step into the role of Acting Editor of PRIMPED starting May 20. Ashe will be ably assisted by Cherie Herrmann, who will be promoted from Beauty Writer to Beauty Editor.

Zoe Foster, the beauty-editor-cum-novelist and regular on Network Ten's The Circle, has a beauty book, Amazing Face, due out in June and will continue in her position as editor-at-large for PRIMPED.

Turker recently blogged at her after-hours site, The Happiness Cocktail, "there’s something to be said about making decisions based on what YOU want to do, figuring out your dreams, writing that road map to find them, and knowing that every decision you make from here on in is taking you somewhere awesome."

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