The Glossy Grandstand: Royal Wedding Edition

The Glossy Grandstand: Royal Wedding

Come one, come all, to the most royalist week in the history of women's weekly magazines since 1981. Will Kate and Wills save the day? Yes, I think (this week) they just may. Poetic indulgences aside, Woman's Day, New Idea, Who and Grazia have run with royal wedding covers this week with teams at ACP and Pacific Magazines working through Saturday to meet the Sunday deadlines in order to have their coverage whisked off to the printer and displayed on newsagent shelves (apparently, ACP forgot Queensland!) to be scooped up with the papers (note: Who is on sale Fridays).

Which makes me wonder...should the Monday weeklies change their on-sale days to Sunday? And what would this mean in terms of changing their content strategies to compete with the newspaper-inserted magazines? Would you be inclined to buy a weekly to browse on a Sunday? Or should the traditional Day of Rest be the sacred domain of newspapers and, erm, churches?

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Scarlett Harris @ The Early Bird Catches the Worm said...

Part of the joy of Mondays (and Fridays, Fridays... fun, fun, fun) is having a brand new glossy to come home to.
And part of the joy of Sunday inserts are my mag idols, Mia Freedman and the Sarah's (Wilson & Oakes) in Sunday Life.
Keep glossies for Monday!