Media Talk: The Courier Mail's Cookbook Collection

Tempting Queenslanders at the newsstands until June 7 is The Courier Mail's 10 Cookbooks in 10 Days Collection, a series of mini titles each containing 20 recipes from celebrated cooks and chefs, including Jamie Oliver (with yesterday's Sunday Mail), Stephanie Alexander, Donna Hay, Matt Moran, Kylie Kwong and Gary Mehigan. 

The books – each branded with an identifiable multi-colour ticker and featuring pointer ads to News Limited food portal – can be purchased for $2 when you buy the paper and produce a token with the view to readers building up a neat winter-time collection.

Alexander's Kitchen Garden Companion – a glimpse at the comprehensive cookbook of the same name, born of her quest to install sustainable kitchen gardens in Australian primary schools to educate pupils about growing and cooking with fresh produce – contains recipes for Italian Almond and Carrot Cake, Cofta Curry with Coriander Sauce, Olive and Cheese Loaf and Berry Crumbles.

In an interview with The Courier Mail, Alexander said, "I predict that the interest in fresh, sustainably produced food will continue to grow with mass supermarkets having to take notice and adjust their purchasing practices. At the same time high end restaurants will continue to experiment and offer surprising dishes that just a tiny % of the population will experience. Too many will continue to be satisfied with convenience food that in many cases costs more than if the dishes were cooked from fresh ingredients."

While cover prices for News Magazines' popular foodie titles – including MasterChef – might prove a barrier to some would-be chefs, and eye-rolling food-snobbery a deterrent for many home cooks, The Courier Mail's deal might yet boost interest in food presented in print (the paper's Taste-branded liftout appears on Tuesdays), or digitally at

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CJ Jones said...

In Sydney we have been getting this with the Daily Telegraph. But we got 15 tiles all up. They have been worth the $2 price as you get about 20 or so recipes plus you get a sneakpeek at the book and decided if you want to buy it or not.