Media Talk: Enthusiasts Rule at Express Media Group

Media Talk: Enthusiasts Rule at Express Media Group

"One of the things we do that's very unique is we don't employ qualified journalists. We employ enthusiasts to connect with fellow enthusiasts. It's worked extremely well because we have a very good indication of what the audiences want and how to deliver them what they want because the people producing the magazines are passionate about making sure the information is relevant, accurate and entertaining."
- Glenn Wright, director of marketing and group publisher, Express Media Group (EMG), the 24-year-old publishing group with 250 staff and 55 titles, which recently acquired nine News Magazines specialist titles, c/o Mediaweek Australia. The group also owns, which sells magazine subscriptions, DVD box sets and branded merchandise, and an in-house DVD team, which creates multimedia covermounts for the titles.


Georgia Louise said...

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Jebby said...

I assume he was talking about SOME of the editors at Express. I know one editor there and she is a highly qualified journalist with many years experience across print, TV and radio. She is also enthusiastic and knows how to connect with what her magazine audience want. He should have spoken more carefully.

Anonymous said...

I think the only person unqualified in this story is Glenn Wright himself. I used to work at Express and everyone in my team had degrees if not masters in journalism and majority came from previous roles on the major newspapers.

I also find it strange he would say this considering the magazines hire internally so how would he even know the employment background of 250 odd staff?

Some of the smaller mags hire people who are enthusiasts but they do not make up the vast majority at Express at all.