Pretty: Gorman's whimsical winter campaign

Pretty: Gorman's whimsical winter campaign

"We wanted to create something quirky, feminine and playful," says director Nadia Barbaro of her video for fashion label Gorman's autumn/winter campaign. "A girl rides a magical bike that transforms her outfit and the contents of the basket as she travels."

The whimsical campaign stars Gabriela Aloisio and was shot by Stefan Duscio with the sound of Wolves at the Door's "Warrior" providing "a darker mood for the film, which balances out the girliness".

"The contents of the basket were not so much symbolic as just visually quirky," says Barbaro. "The taxidermy bird and eggs were chosen because they were quite fragile and much too delicate to ride in a basket. The poor model was so afraid they would come flying out of the basket and break whilst she was riding! We originally had ceramic items piled high, but they smashed on the first take!"

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