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Elizabeth Berkley grew up on the legendary TV show Saved by the Bell in the 80s and 90s, and because of syndication, a whole new generation of girls is getting to know her character Jessie Spano. Over the years, she's interacted with thousands of fans, and her new bestselling book, Ask Elizabeth, and website are resources for the girls who reach out to her every day. She sat down with us to talk about how she hopes to provide "real answers to all the questions you secretly wanted to ask...."

I Heart Daily: How did your girl-talk workshops come about?
Elizabeth Berkley: In my quick exchanges [with fans], I was genuinely interested in chatting with the girls and learning about what mattered to them. So many girls told me that they never had someone care to ask about what was happening in their life. I decided to create a safe space for them to truly connect with one another in a meaningful way.

IHD: How do you lead the workshops?
EB: I guide them in a big-sister style discussion that allows them to open up and help each other. One of the taglines of my workshop is 'How do we help her?' It is not enough to just talk about our feelings -- what do we DO about it is the biggest piece we fill in together.

IHD: Can you see your younger self in the girls you talk to?
EB: Sometimes. The truth is, I think we still all have the adolescent girl within us. The book offers advice and wisdom from my life, girls across the country and a dream team of experts so a girl can get what she needs on any given day from whomever resonates for her.

IHD: What's your favorite part of the workshops?
EB: When I turn it over to the girls to give them a platform to be heard and to help a classmate. You would be blown away by the generosity and care that spills out and flows from each girl. When I see a girl hugging another girl, wiping tears from her eyes as she reveals a challenge like the loss of a parent or an intense breakup… this reminds me of why I am there: To invite connection and true meaningful dialogue in a time where that is lost.

IHD: Finally, What are you hearting right now?
EB: My husband Greg Lauren’s new clothing line, Kathy Freston’s book The Veganist, Adele and Skyler Grey’s music all make me HAPPY at this moment in time.

Thanks, Elizabeth! Check out her book and for solid, heartfelt stuff.

Melissa @ I Heart Daily

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