Teen Girl With a Satchel

Georgie gives up negativity for DOLLY, but, like many Gen-Zs, she's not looking forward to a forced Harry Potter detox. Tess of the D’Urbyvilles should prove a necessary distraction.

Tickets to the midnight screening of Harry Potter in my handbag, on Tuesday I could barely sit still, though thankfully I got to spend the day helping out on Potter-themed articles and slide-shows for the DOLLY website. Finally it was nighttime and I was ready to line up and see the movie. They definitely saved the best film for last.

I’ve never been a massive fan of the movies – they cut out bits and change bits and it just annoys me (“THAT’S NOT HOW IT’S MEANT TO BE!”) – so I was so worried that they would screw up the vital scenes (as in, vital to the entire series, not just the one movie), but they were done beautifully.

It made me laugh and cheer and cry. Oh boy, did it make me cry. It started with tears in all the regular places (deaths, Snape’s memories, resurrection stone) and ended with me leaving the theatre in absolute hysterical tears, stuttering between sobs, "It’s over." I was a complete mess.

It felt like someone had ripped out my heart and torn apart my soul and left me there with nothing to dull the pain. My mother commented that I should become an actor with my ability to make everything overly dramatic, but she just couldn’t understand how something that has played such an important part in my life had ended. There will never be another Harry Potter, and that breaks my heart more than any boy ever could. I know I must have had a pretty great life to be able to say this, but it was the saddest I have ever been. Ever.

My whole month hasn’t revolved around Potter, however. It started with a trip with my best friend to see one of our all-time favourite obsessions, Miley Cyrus. We know that she isn’t exactly a perfect role model (hello, leather underwear costumes) but we’ve loved her for years and years and years and it was a dream come true to go to her concert.

While we were slightly worried for all the six-year-olds there, but we had a brilliant time absolutely screaming out the words to her songs and almost crying during "7 Things" (well, I was almost crying. Maybe I do make everything overly dramatic?). Now, if only Miley could convince her fellow Disney (ex-Disney?) stars to come visit Down Under. Jonas, Selena and Demi, I’m looking at you.

Holidays were soon upon us, but instead of long sleep ins and lazy days spent in front of the TV, I jumped on a plane to Sydney to complete some work experience. Week one was at Girlfriend magazine and I had a delightful time. Fellow workies Sophie and Shirley made the week amazing, as did tasks such as transcribing an interview with Bradley James (Arthur from the TV show Merlin). I could listen to that boy’s brilliant British accent for the rest of my life!

After a weekend catching up with friends and dining at China Doll (my favourite Chinese restaurant ever) it was off to DOLLY. They can’t seem to get rid of me at DOLLY HQ! Speaking of which, the magazine's August issue (with my favourite ever Tsweezy on the cover, and posters of my other favourites Tom Felton and Darren Criss inside) came out on Wednesday and the story I helped out with was published. If you flick to page 36 you can see me in a very uncharacteristic floral skirt and read all about the week I spent *gulp*, giving up negativity. Being a part of ‘The Ultimate Detox’ was an amazing experience, and I can’t thank the DOLLY girls enough for giving me the chance!

This last month has been jam-packed with super exciting things, but sadly it’s time for me to head back to school and the real world, filled with essays on Tess of the D’Urbyvilles and 2000 word geography reports. Sigh. Why can’t Hogwarts be real?!

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