Glossy Covers: Dannii Minogue for The Weekly

Glossy Covers: Dannii for The Weekly

When asked if she is a Kylie Girl or a Dannii Girl, Zoe Foster was quick to pick Kylie. I am a Dannii Girl. Maybe it's an underdog thing, maybe it's a brunette thing, but Dannii has had a place in my heart since she appeared on Johnny Young's Young Talent Time. The Weekly's Chrissy Iley goes one (or two, or three) steps better than that loose nostalgic association in her cover story, 'For Dannii, The Show Goes On', telling us that when she first met Dannii, pre-The X Factor/Australia's Got Talent, she was struggling with her record deal and "fighting the perception that she was the B-side to Kylie's A-side". 

The tables have turned and the Dannii the world knows now is a confident but exhausted new mum. Call it The Maternal Factor, but there is something about a celebrity post-baby that makes her more palatable than before. Before Ethan, writes Iley, the world lacked in empathy for Dannii. "They only wanted to learn about how much she'd suffered with broken relationships – after her marriage collapsed, she became painfully thin, so skinny she lost her breasts and had to buy them back. No one was sympathetic until she became a star again. It was the minute she stopped looking completely flawless and expressionless that people warmed to her more. When she cut her hair into a versatile bob, the simplification of her style seemed to make her more womanly... It is said that something about her changed, that she was less perfect, less contrived, more real. And there's no doubt that becoming a mum was the start of that metamorphosis."

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