Digital Talk: For the love of dog blogs

Digital Talk: For the love of dog blogs

Doggy blogs, mutt memoirs, fido fitness, jet-setting pets, alpha chihuahuas, canine mascots, country music star Gina Jeffreys and her dog Fender... there's something for every man and his you-know-what in the July/August issue of Dog's Life magazine. 

Kate Fitzpatrick charts the evolution of the dog biography genre in print, telling us that the modern mutt memoir uses a dog-centred narrative to explore broader issues and life questions with the best examples of the genre managing to "run the gamut of emotions and mix revelation with humour, poignancy, and some tear-jerking moments".

Editor Laura Greaves profiles five dog bloggers, including Sydney television producer Serena Faber Nelson's, former media company product manager Lisa Miller's, Californian grandmother Jan Williams', Design Milk's Jaime Derringer's canine offshoot and New York fashion designer Luciana Boehl's "Many people have told me 'Daily Fluffy' gives them their daily dose of dog and they use it as a daily pick-me-up to brighten their day," says Nelson of the dog photo and caption she posts each day.

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Serena {Pretty Fluffy} said...

Thanks for the wrap-up Erica! And thanks to Dog's Life for the awesome mag :)

Alex said...

Thanks again for including us Erica.

The Peak Oil Poet said...

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