Book Shelf: Jessie Hearts NYC (Guest Post)

Book Shelf: Jessie Hearts NYC (Guest Post)

Most girls would be lying if they said they didn't dream of falling in love in New York City. There's something so glamorous about the East Coast city, and the thought of finding a cute guy to stroll through Central Park or go to a show on Broadway with would be a bit of a fairytale come true.

British BFFs Emma and Jessie are lucky enough to go to New York for the summer to stay with Jessie's playwright mum. Jessie has just broken up with a not-so-dreamy guy and has her eye set on her mum's lead cast member, Ben. Both girls are obsessed with the famous city, and can't wait to explore every detail of it (and hope to meet a few other cute guys along the way).

Finn is a New York local, desperately in love with his best friend's girlfriend. His controlling parents and grandma are trying to force him to follow his father's shoes into insurance, but all he wants to be is an architect.

A series of weird coincidences see Jessie and Finn continue to run into each other in a city of eight million people. Will they find love? Will Jessie be brave enough to tell her parents she wants to stay in NYC? Will Finn man up and tell his parents he wants to change majors? You'll have to read brand new YA novel "Jessie Hearts NYC" to find out.

Jessie Hearts NYC is a cute, easy read with alternating perspectives that you won't want to put down. Filled with amazing descriptions of New York, by the end you'll be wishing your mum lived on Broadway so you could jump on a plane with your BFF and find your own Finn. Of course, some bits are super cliched, but it's a teen romance set in New York, so it's kind of expected.

It's a brilliant holiday read, and a perfect change from a lot of the Supernatural-themed YA books that seem to be plaguing the genre at the moment. I definitely recommend it to all teen girls (or anyone who's a fan of the YA genre!).

Rating: 4.5/5
Author: Keris Stainton
Pages: 255 (plus four pages of Keris Stainton's 'New York Top Fives'!)
RRP: $16.99
Publisher: Orchard Books 

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Keris Stainton said...

Thank you so much for the lovely review.

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