Media Talk: Celebrating jounalist Sarah Ferguson

Media Talk: Celebrating Sarah Ferguson

The Women's Weekly this month gives is admiration tick to ABC Four Corners journalist Sarah Ferguson, who brought the reality of the live cattle trade to our attention via her sure-to-be-award-winning expose. The story brought the country to a virtual standstill and set into motion a series of events that at once caused furious debate about the trade, and also the media's ability to set the political agenda, all the while Ferguson seemed to fade into the background, as one might say good journalists do.

The story wasn't an easy get for Ferguson, a mother of three and wife of the ABC Lateline host Tony Jones, who tells The Weekly's Michael Sheather that she is naturally squeamish but the story itself pushed her through the emotional difficulty. "Four Corners is a fantastic place to be a journalist because it's such a respected platform," she says. "You know that, if you get it right, then you can cut through. People pay attention."

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