Glossy Covers: Real Living and renovator reality

Glossy Covers: Real Living's "Me Spaces"
Husband and I spent the weekend fastidiously sorting, culling, cleaning and dumping in preparation for our impending move out of the house we've called home for the past three years... the in-laws, rather selfishly, are reclaiming their digs. 

As such, the dearth of renovator and design shows currently on TV – the return of The Block on Nine along with Jamie Durie's Top DesignGrand Designs on ABC1 and The Renovators on Ten coming soon – has got us couch-surfing with great purpose. We are building an actual shipping container home, which means compact living with not a lot of stuff and a lot of creative planning, though there will be no beds on pulley systems for us, and a walk-in-wardrobe is clearly out of the question. A 'warm and cosy zone' just for me? We'll see!
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Unknown said...

Wow, that's very exciting Erica! You'll have to post pics of your new place. I'm loving all the reno shows at the moment - I can never get enough of them.
Enjoy your planning and culling :)

Sarah Ayoub Christie said...

I agree with Janette, would love to see pictures! I really admire your resolve to not have a lot of 'stuff' - I am trying to live by that philosophy but somehow seem to be failing miserably, and my husband does not help. I cull as often as I can - everything from makeup to clothes to books - and yet, I still have so much stuff! New resolve: When I go shopping and think, 'oooh I love that printed maxi', I will instead say 'you have a printed maxi and you only need (dont even need) one'. Hopefully this system works!

Footprints Australia said...

We (family of 4) lived in a tiny worker's cottage for 5 years. Total space: 7 squares; even the smallest modern brick and tile would be 10, the 4 bed 2 bath home we are in now is at least 20. So it IS possible!!! Ikea will become your best friend ;-). We have the best possible memories of life in our cottage though must admit we are enjoying having more space now our kids are teenagers!!! Good luck!!!

Room to Think said...

Real Living magazines always make me envious of some of the people they feature sometimes :P such beautiful homes. Hope you're not going too far...Jos

Lizzie said...

I've seen this kind of design before - and agree with others, would love to see some photos! Moving can be painful, but it's such a great opportunity to clean out and donate things that don't really fit with your new locale. Stuff is something that has definitely been on my mind recently - time to attack that basement storage unit! :)