Media Talk: Murdochs at the Culture, Media & Sport Committee

Media Talk: Murdochs at the Culture, Media & Sport Select Committee

Rupert Murdoch used a tried and tested woman's prerogative to change one's mind at the hearing before the Culture, Media & Sport Select Committee when questioned about his political allegiances ("I've never guaranteed anyone the support of our newspapers. We changed, we had been supporting the Thatcher government and the Conservative government that followed and we thought it had gotten tired and we changed and supported the Labour party"), while disclosing the not so great results ("the direct result of loss of 200,000 circulation"), and then explained his laxity in light of the NoW scandal in this way: "The News of the World is less than one per cent of our company. I employ 53,000 people around the world who are proud, and great and ethical and distinguished people. Professionals in their lives. And perhaps I'm spread watching and appointing people whom I trust to run those divisions." But Wendi Deng Murdoch saved the day with her Charlie's Angels chutzpah. She seems a lady whose no means no and yes means yes. Make her the boss!   

For an almost-full transcript, see: The Guardian and see 'Wendy Deng Murdoch Fights Back' at Fox News for entertainment value. Reflecting on Murdoch's admission that this represented the most humbling day of his 80-plus-year lifespan, a moment to reflect on those moments of weakness and humiliation that keep us all from getting too big for our boots, but how it is the mark of a grown-up when one can admit one's faults, and accept responsibility while making attempts at restitution, in the face of defeat. "Through failure, God teaches us lessons that keep us from wandering into similar situations in the future." (The Word for Today)

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