Media Talk: Sigh, newspapers can be such a pain

Media Talk: Newspapers can be such a pain

"Even though it’s our job [and one we love, on most days!] to read newspapers, Mediaweek is getting close to cancelling print subscriptions. But not because there is a better digital alternative – there’s not, except at The Age. We are growing weary of the papers arriving after we go to work, of climbing around the front of our property in the dark looking for them, of having to unroll acres of plastic and we are tired of not being able to read inserted glossy magazines without having them curl up into a little tube every time we let go of them." 

- James Manning, editor, Mediaweek newsletter, 31 March 2011, reflecting the sentiment shared by Bob Wells of The Boulder Reporter, and Gen-Y comedian Josh Thomas, who told Good Weekend last year about why he cancelled his newspaper sub: "I thought I should read The Age and be engaged with the world. But they come every single day. Every single day! I hadn't realised what a commitment it was!".

GWAS, who does not own an iPad, I might add, thoroughly enjoyed reading The Australian at the doctor's surgery yesterday: 'Strewth' and 'Cut & Paste' produced a few chortling cackles, which had to be stifled in the waiting room, and Ricky Ponting's farewell letter was a nice opening touch.

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