Media Talk: Mike Colman, News Limited sports journalist

Media Talk: Mike Colman, News Limited sports journalist

"I've always told my children when choosing a profession that the best thing they can do is find something they would happily do for free, and get someone to pay them to do it. I remember when I was not all that much older than you girls, sitting in my favourite position – in front of the TV watching sport – and my father saying to me, 'What are you going to do with your life? No-one's ever going to pay you to watch sport, you know." Well, I sure showed him. For the past 25 years or so I've been paid to watch some of the best sport and the best sports men and women in the world...My favourite current athletes are two Queensland women, swimmer Jessica Schipper – who just gets in and does the job without any fuss and never gets her picture in the glossy magazines like some of her high-profile team-mates...and cyclist Anna Meares who is the toughest competitor I've ever seen."

Mike Colman, News Limited columnist (The Courier Mail, The Sunday Mail), 4BC commentator, Australian Sports Commission Print Journalist of the Year 2010 and father of three girls, speaking at the St Michael's College Year 8 Father Daughter Breakfast (spotted by GWAS in the school's excellent newsletter, The Spirit, today).

Meanwhile, Aussie cricket captain Ricky Ponting throws in the towel, saying, "I'm a big boy and I know when it's my time and when it's my place...I'm around for advice if needed", and makes Michael Clarke's day.

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