Glossy Covers: Dumbo feather...pass it on (Issue #27)

Glossy Covers: Dumbo feather...pass it on (Issue #27)

Yesterday I was thinking, "What I would really love to see on a magazine cover, or in an advertisement trying to sell me stuff, is real women doing real women things... an image that says, 'I appreciate that you are multi-faceted', like Tina Fey sitting under her desk in the American Express campaign". And, ta-da! Dumbo feather's latest offering hits my inbox/Facebook. Un-bloody-real. My glossy dreams continue to come true. I am buying 10 copies...or at least one. 

Issue #27 is out April 1 with a new look courtesy of Chase & Galley, beautiful new paper stock, slightly bigger dimensions, new sections and features and five long-form interviews with a farmer, a stylist, a composer, a collector and the magazine's founding editor Kate Bezar. 

Congratulations to new editor Patrick Pittman and team.

Girl With a Satchel


Patrick Pittman said...

Hey thanks Erica! We love that cover so much. Stuart and Tristan at Chase & Galley have been working magic.

Hope you like the new issue, we're still in love with what we made... It'll be making it into shops this week.