Media Talk: Do women writers lack confidence?

Media Talk: Do women writers lack confidence?

"Confidence in one’s opinions and a willingness to engage in intellectual combat are disproportionately (though not, of course, exclusively) male traits. I’ve come across several writers in my career who are good at writing in the argumentative style but lack confidence in their ability. They are all female." - Jonathan Chait, New Republic, @ Daily Intel

Oh, let's discuss!

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Alison said...

Reminds me of a director of a major theatre company (Australian) who once commented (to a major newspaper) that there were no female directors because "women lack sufficient authority."

There is so much loaded thinking in this and other similar comments.

Oh please stop this rubbish now.

Sarah Ayoub at Wordsmith Lane said...

I lack confidence sometimes, and I don't know if it's because I'm a woman, but I definitely relate it to the fact that men earn more than women because they simply demand it. Even though I have had some writing success, I am always a little fearful when I send off a pitch, and a little insecure when it comes to comments and the like about my stories. Great discussion point, btw.

Anonymous said...

I don't think one statment can sum up an entire community of female writers. I know I question my ability to write, but there are many women I admire who are confident and fierce and write with so much authority that they make men and women stand up and listen.

Laura Greaves said...

I once read a comment in a book that has always stayed with me: 'Men as for what they want, women ask for what they think they deserve'. So true in so many cases! And if a woman does ask for what she wants, she's a 'bitch', while a man is simply direct.

Ben said...

Interesting issue – my favourite writer, A. Coulter, just happens to be female, and she “writes like a man” (according to critics and fans alike).

Of course, men tend to be more interested in war, politics and science, so when it comes to controversial topics, they’re likely to sound more confident.

There are other reasons of course.

Men also like to play and participate in combative sports and outdoor activities, and this too encourages aggression (not always a bad thing when directed in a positive way as Jesus showed).