Glossy Talk: KAREN magazine's Marian Simms

Glossy Talk: KAREN magazine's Marian Simms

"There is no "one bit of advice". You need many skills not only to get in, you need to survive it right now, and that needs to change. Learn about being a woman, take time to spend with women you admire. Know yourself and be clear about what is unique to you, that the world will benefit your sharing. Find your own expression and style. Rather than trying to impress people, relax into being humble and grateful for every opening and connect with people authentically. Your path will take care of itself with great people and a clear intention. Hard work and discipline will serve you well. And, finally, be true to yourself. It is time for the media to have more integrity and we need our young innovators to bring this with them. I feel media, especially women's mags, have no more room for damage. We need love and support now." 
KAREN magazine editor Marian Simms' advice to young journalists (be still my heart!). Marian shared this with me last week in light of the birth of her baby girl, Uma Valentina. Bless.

Girl With a Satchel


Style On Track said...

Marian has done such a wonderful job with Karen, it was great to actually hear her own words :)

LisaNReynolds said...

I LOVE you Marian on both a personal and professional level. If only I had been given that kind of advice when I was a 17 year old walking through the doors of 54 Park Street all those years ago xoxo