Glossy Talk: Girlfriend of the Year competition

Glossy Talk: Girlfriend of the Year competition

Girlfriend of the Year is one of my favourite glossy competitions, though it isn't given as much attention as the magazine's Model Search, which is a shame, though we can't be hating on the pretty girls. Which is not to say the lovely ladies above aren't blessed in the looks department; it's just their ambitions, brains, talents and passions are at the forefront of why they're smiling, which is a more feministy idea, isn't it?

“This is a fantastic competition that celebrates everyday girls giving back to their communities and achieving extraordinary things. This year was our biggest year yet, receiving over 400 entries,” said Sarah Cornish, editor, Girlfriend.

The finalists this year include (from left to right)... soccer/football player Maddison, 15, who dreams of playing for the Matildas; food editor/cook Michelle, 17, whose role model is Nigella Lawson; artist Emily, 17, who has a series of drawings called "My Gothic Little Children" (and she looks so sweet!); aeriel skiier Jaymee, 16, who wants to win Olympic Gold; youth welfare advocate Kimberly, 18, who wants to use her experience of homelessness to help others; and organ donation advocate Elizabeth, 16, who is herself a recipient and wants to "help babies and people of all ages improve their lives".

The national winner will be announced in the July issue of Girlfriend, and they will receive $3000 cash to help fund their dream, training and support in the field of choice, an all-expenses-paid trip to Sydney, a  twelve-month Girlfriend subscription and a Proactiv Solution prize pack, valued at over $250. Vote here.

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