Snapshot: Tazza Café, Brooklyn, NY

Snapshot: Tazza Café, Brooklyn, NY
Cory and Ahmed, Tazza Cafe, 311 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY
When seven of us bailed into Tazza on Henry Street Monday morning, the little cafe hardly knew what to do with itself. This is the sort of place where locals come in through a side door, where there are 'No Computers' (between 11am and 4pm, thank you) and 'Please limit your cell phone use' signs; where the emphasis is on fine food between two over friendly morning Seven Dwarfs revelry. Oops.

Sensing this mutual discomfort, I pulled out the "My sister worked here" card and hoped for the best. We were met with a pleasant response, a nice consolation given the overriding sense of affectation; is this a Brooklyn thing? A morning thing? Or are we Aussies a bit precious – love us and we, in turn, will love you; and if not, poo to you!

Nevertheless, our orders were filled and we were satiated in full with good coffee and wholesome fare. The menu is expansive, covering off breakfast and lunch (the pièce de résistance) options, including Steel Cut Oatmeal with brown sugar, almonds and raisins, $5.25, which I ordered, House Made Granola with Fresh Fruit, $4.75, and the Goat Cheese Salad with Apricot and Pecans ($8.95) my sister recommended.

Panini dressed up in a number of ensembles – three cheeses; salami, goat cheese and arugula; French ham; brie and apricots – puts on an impressive front, while baguettes, ciabattas and foccacias are all open to cheeses, meats and sweetly roasted treats such as pear, onion and apples.

The food is served up in good time on orange plastic trays and the ingredients are fresh and tasty: crusty bread, sweet strawberries atop a milky muesli and a decent coffee drop to fill any gaps before our party sets off on our next adventure.

No doubt Tazza is contented to see the back of us, but we threaten to visit again.

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Debbie said...

Hello Erica

So this is why I haven't seen your smiling face at the coffee shop of late! Hope you (and your fellow dwarfs) are having a wonderful experience. Journey mercies. Debbie W