GWAS Notes: Thank you and Merry Christmas!

GWAS Notes: Thank you and Merry Christmas!
A BIG thanks to Emma, Sophie, Georgie, Julia, Margaret, Ellen-Maree and Lucy for their contributions to Girl With a Satchel in 2011; to James Manning of Mediaweek for keeping me in the loop; to glossy editors and assistants for their helpful updates; to Diane and the beautiful GWAS prayer support team; to Spice of Life cafe for the coffee and hospitality; to all those who have stopped by to read something here; and, of course, to God for his gift of Jesus and his never-ending grace and generosity.

GWAS will be back to regular blogging from January 16 with intermittent posts in the meantime.

With love,
Girl With a Satchel


Rebecca said...

Merry Christmas! And thank YOU Erica - just love stopping by your blog!

frangipani princess said...

A BIG thank you to you, Erica, for allowing me to be a part of GWAS in 2011, and for continuing to share your thoughts with us everyday!
Here's to an amazing 2012!