Short & Sweet: The American Itinerary

Let's catch up: It's been a whirlwind but fantastic few days of flying and driving and thriving en route to New York City with the crew from Planet Blue Tours (that's our fearless leader, Michael, to the left). Thanks to a "misplaced" (there's still hope!) bag, I have now worn the same outfit THREE days in a row, with makeup limited to one berry lipgloss (great for lips and cheeks!) – thank God I thought to pack underwear and socks in my carry-on, and thank God for the generosity of my room buddy Ruth who has provided me with makeup wipes and a tee to sleep in when we overnighted in Washington D.C.

At 10pm last night, I gave in and hit up Target to procure a frock to wear to church (I figured leggings – no pants! – wouldn't cut it) and one mascara. I located a purple number (how liturgical!) only to find my credit card declined at the checkout. How embarrassing. The bank followed through with a, 'We're sorry, we thought you were being defrauded' phone call, then I was lost trying to walk back to the hotel. BUT this allowed for exploration of all the festive lights. Americans really know how to do Christmas! Also, this morning I was witness to the Grammy award winning choir at the Brooklyn Tabernacle (a glimpse at heaven) and listened to a sermon by pastor Tim Dilena ("God sees, God knows, God rewards"), which was just what I needed to hear! I'm currently in a SoHo cafe called Ground Support with a bunch of New Yorkers on their laptops. Like this girl...
This week's agenda: After dinner in Chinatown tonight, tomorrow (Monday) we're exploring mid-town NYC and ice-skating at the Rockefeller Centre. I may also have to procure a new wardrobe for the trip. We're hoping to catch Wicked on Broadway, though I'm also keen to see the ballet and catch up with a dear friend. Tuesday, it's Manhattan again, returning to spend the night at our hotel in Brooklyn, then we're off to Niagra on Wednesday, L.A. on Thursday and Disneyland on Friday. Cut to Sunday and we're in L.A. for the day before dinner in the city and checking out for our return to Sydney, losing a day in the process (I will not be experiencing a Tuesday 13th December this year!).
The Word for the Week: "Perhaps the Lord will act in our behalf. Nothing can hinder the Lord from saving, whether by many or by few." (1 Samuel 14:6)
Quote of the Week: "The path to womanhood is strewn with enchantment, but it is also rife with thickets and thorns, and a Big Bad Culture that threatens to consume them even as they consume it." (Peggy Orenstein, author, Cinderella Ate My Daughter, The Australian Women's Weekly December edition. word for the week: serry \SER-ee\, verb: To crowd closely together.
"A crowd of health practitioners and students serry in a stream of vocal protest in Lower Manhattan with a common aim: to give a voice to the 99% who want quality healthcare for all, affordable education, jobs with dignity and security for the future. I was there and took the flyer."
Reading: The entire New York Times Sunday edition (including T The New York Times Style and The New York Times magazine, a glimpse of the sections (and my bagel) below!
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frangipani princess said...

I am so jealous. Have so much fun!

ps. hope your luggage gets found!

Lizzie said...

Fun, fun, fun! Was at Disneyland in October. I am not a rollercoaster fan, but do try the Indiana Jones ride if the queue time permits - it's wild, but not rollercoaster wild . Glad you're having a good time despite being sans luggage (hope it shows up soon!).

Footprints Australia said...

You just HAVE to procure a new wardrobe!!!!! Make the most of it! Is it true that buying clothes in the USA is heaps cheaper than here?