A Very GWAS Christmas: Corny December

A Very GWAS Christmas: Corny December
By Emma Plant

A wee 20 sleeps and Yule time is upon us. As everything winds down for the year, or up, depending on your schedule, one thing remains constant every December. It is ‘December of Corny’. All things kitsch, cheesy and family-friendly reveal their breadth this time of the year. While the tinsel extends onto streets with a felicitous bling, cheese-eaters everywhere are catching Christmas fever. Christmas time serves as a platform to exhibit that inherent desire many have to play Captain Corny.

Just quietly, we say, 'Why not?'.

Holiday season looks different for everyone. For many, it looks like watching old movies and eating home baked goodies. For others, it is a time to embrace your loved ones (and your obligatory not-so-loved-ones too). Yet for most, it is a time to unleash, dare I say it, your ‘inner child’. Yes, embarrassingly passĂ©, but that is the whole point! Embrace it. Be a Christmas dork. Act like a Holiday Hackney. Get your groove back like Stella. Keep your eyes open for playful merriment. Perhaps one cheesy thing a day this silly season is just what we need.

First silly thing we like: Petite Tiara's take on Magazines...

As complex as this could be if we considered the multifaceted perspective it puts forth about women’s magazines (and feminism), we are looking at the fun-poking side. A clever visual satire perfectly suited to Magazine and Disney lovers (yours truly).
Watch this space for more light hearted glee.