Pop Culture: Royal Tailor, "Hold Me Together", GWAS Song of the Year

Pop Culture: Royal Tailor, "Hold Me Together"

To my mind, the sweetest tune on their airwaves this year, Royal Tailor's "Hold Me Together" speaks straight to the heart. There is nothing more delicious (for a Christian girl) than men of God singing praises to the Lord for his grace.

"This record is pressing against the flow of the mainstream market," says lead vocalist Tauren Wells of the band's debut album, Black and White. "We have nothing against mainstream artists, but some of the messages and values coming out of mainstream music today are poisoning the culture. We hope to be a remedy to that, to stand up against that and show people this is not normal. There's something greater for you than just partying. We hope to press back against that and create some awareness and awakening in our listeners."

Definitely one to add to your Boy Bands list, Georgie!

Girl With a Satchel


frangipani princess said...

Agreed! Definitely one to add to my list!
That is such an amazing song <3


Anonymous said...

This song and this group are fab! And how wise and strong are the young band members who are singing of true love and not lust dressed up as love. Royal Tailor are one to watch!